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Working in Spain can be a fulfilling experience, offering a rich blend of professional growth and a vibrant lifestyle. Spain has a robust and diverse job market across various sectors, including tourism, technology, finance, and more. Working in Spain provides opportunities to connect with international companies, network with professionals from around the world, and gain valuable cross-cultural communication skills. 

The work-life balance is highly valued in Spain, with siestas and long lunches being common practices. Additionally, Spain is known for its warm and welcoming culture, making it a great environment for forging new friendships and building a supportive professional network. Whether you're seeking career advancement, a change of scenery, or a new cultural experience, working in Spain can offer a unique and enriching opportunity.


Why Spain?

  • Spain is the best country to live in Europe
  • High Quality of life, diverse culture, exquisite cuisine, beautiful places and beaches
  • Spain is more affordable than most European countries
  • Universities of Madrid are among the top 5 in Europe
  • Possibilities to obtain permanent residency

If you learn Spanish in Spain you can be eligible to work there after your course is complete and even intern as a student.

Working in Spain

As a student you can intern/work 30 hrs per week. You would earn around 600 Euro or higher every month which is sufficient to cover your monthly expenses in Madrid, Spain.

How does it work? 

The student must follow the following steps:

  1. Make the empadronamiento (Registering yourself as a resident in Madrid)
  2. Get the TIE issued - TIE is the Temporary Residency Card - Students with TIE con work up to 30 hours per week
  3. Open Bank Account, We have partnerships with local banks.

It will be challenging but take it in stride and the entire experience of living, learning and working in a new country will be a fun experience for you.

You will be able to begin your work in 3-4 months because of the paperwork.

We have partners that help you find internships or work on a student visa. In Madrid we haveAu Pair companies and also hostels that can provide accommodation in exchange for work.

How can I get to work in Spain?

1) Request by the Employer

Where: Oficina de Extranjeria

How long to process: 2 to 3 months

Validity: similar to the period of legal stay of the student

2) Self Employment

Where: Oficina de Extranjería

How long to process: 2 to 3 months

Validity: similar to the period of legal stay of the student

3) Work Collaboration Agreement (Paid Internship)

Student gets job offer in a company.

HR contacts the company and sends a Framework Educational Cooperation Agreement document

We prepare documentation between the 3 parties (NLC-Company-Student)

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